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girl, eighteen. bit of a free spirit, loves travelling, exploring, reading, sociology, cuddling, herbal tea and vegetarian food.
also a bit of a mental club enthusiast who drinks a little too much and exists in a state of perpetual hungoverness.
i love people, i'm like a puppy, happiest when sitting quietly lapping up affection.
current obsessions include orange is the new black, vegan vegetable curry, slam poetry and gia carangi.

you can find me here:

and on facebook... although i'll only give you that if you ask personally.

always happy to offer feedback on the work of others and forever seeking approval and/or constructive criticism on my own work.

peace and love, stay classy
tiff :heart:
So some things have been happening (of course things always do). 

One such thing is that I have a shiny new job which I start in five days, however I'm cripplingly anxious about it as it is PR work - something which requires a lot more social skills than I possess.  
Another happening has been that I've started a 30 day challenge - to wake up before 9am each day.  Add to that the lack of drinking that August will bring (full time PR work is EXHAUSTING so my social life will have to be limited to weekends only, I think) and the fact that I'm Really Really Trying with the whole healthy eating thing (aka managing 5-a-day no bother, cooking more vegetable based meals from scratch) and I'm hoping my physical health is going to take an upward turn.  I'm not unhealthy, per se, I just know that the healthier you are physically, the more likely it is that your mental health will benefit.  Would like to incorporate exercise into my daily activities but aside from the odd bit of yoga here and there it really isn't likely to happen.  
And a final happening is that I'm starting a Proper Blog.  I'm still gonna keep this account alive (not that I think anybody really is particularly interested anyway) but this account is for my creative writing and I would like to have a real life events based blog, one where I discuss my travels, my daily adventures and just general topical issues, such as the matter of my country's independence which is hot on everyone's lips right now.  So yeah, that's what I'm planning at the moment - blog, healthiness, new job and of course lots and lots of reading.  

If anybody would like to read my blog then feel free to ask for the link! 

Hope everyone's well and as always if anybody wants any feedback or even just someone to look at their work, I'm always here!

Peace and love, stay classy.

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